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Klasztor ss. Klarysek Stary Sącz

Sanctuary of St. Kinga, Stary Sącz

Kościół z wysoką wieżą, obok inne zabudowania i dziedziniec otoczony murem.

pl. św. Kingi 1, 33-340 Stary Sącz Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski

tel. +48 184460499
The convent of the sisters of St. Clare in Stary Sącz has towered over the Poprad valley for over 700 years.
The convent’s founder, Saint Kinga, was the Queen of Hungary and the wife of prince Bolesław V the Chaste. Legend has it that the deposits of salt in Wieliczka and Bochnia were discovered thanks to her. After her husband’s death in 1280, she entered her own convent. Stary Sącz soon turned into a place of worship of St. Kinga but she was only canonised in 1999 by John Paul II. The church fairs are organised here on the Sunday nearest to 24 July (the remembrance of St. Kinga) and on the day of the Festival of the Holy Trinity (the first Sunday following the Pentecost).

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