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Kompleks Beskid Spytkowice

The “Beskid” resort in Spytkowice

Widok zimą z góry na budynek stacji Kompleks Beskid oraz parking zastawiony samochodami. Powyżej widać wyciąg narciarski, stok oraz lasy iglaste wokół.

Spytkowice 135A, 34-745 Spytkowice Tourist region: Beskid Żywiecki i Orawa

tel. +48 182688920
Three ski lifts, a couple of pistes, a three-star hotel with a swimming pool, an inn and a restaurant, as well as a wellness centre – all of this comprises the “Beskid” resort in Spytkowice. “Skiing is our passion,” say its hosts, and they have been sharing this passion for many years.
For the youngest winter sports enthusiast, a winter playground and a kindergarten are being built. Those who love fun in the snow can play with various kinds of sleighs or build a snowman. The resort also offers a training slope, where instructors help the youngest skiing adepts to take their first steps. Once they feel confident on the skis, they can enjoy an 80-metre-long conveyor belt. The slope is wide, flat and safe, separated from the rest of the pistes. In the “Beskid” resort, children may not only learn how to ski, but also how to swim and improve their English, all while their parents will be able to enjoy all the attractions offered by the resort. Skiers and snowboarders will probably choose the area around the lower station of a four-seater chair lift (located just a few metres from the hotel.) Within a few minutes, the lift covers the distance of 740 metres. Once you reach the top, you can enjoy the view of the outstanding Tatra Mountains, as well as the picturesque valley and Spytkowice, which can be seen below. You can test your skiing skills on four pistes with easy and medium difficulty. When you decide to go down the slope, you will go down 740 metres if you choose Piste One near the chair lift, while Piste Three will take you on a thousand-metre-long journey. From the upper chair lift station, you can also go downhill in the direction of a 250-metre t-bar lift and a 250-metre-long piste. The slope is artificially covered with snow, lit and groomed. The resort also offers a ski school, equipment rental and a service. The slope, as the hosts like to emphasise, is only a snowball’s throw from the hotel.

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