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Kompleks Paczółtowice

Krakow Valley Golf & Country Club Paczółtowice

Niebieski wózek golfowy z kobietą i mężczyzną w środku jedzie po idealnie skoszonym, zielonym polu golfowym w Paczółtowicach. Za wózkiem znajduje się staw, a nieco dalej niskie drzewa, a nad nimi niebieskie niebo.

Paczółtowice 328, 32-063 Paczółtowice

Only 30 kilometres from Kraków – the Kraków Valley Golf & Country Club, one of the largest golf courses and leisure sites in Poland, is that close. Designed by one of California’s most renowned architects of golf courses – Ronald Fream – it impresses golfers, who come to play from all over the world.

The 80-hectare golf centre, located in the town of Paczółtowice, is built according to American USGA standards – thanks to this, it can even host international tournaments. It offers an 18-hole course with a total length of 6,518 metres and an area of 80 hectares. The rental facility located on premises offers powered and manual golf carts, as well as clubs. In addition to the rental, visitors can also purchase golfing equipment and clothing in the professional golf store, which offers hats, rain jackets, gloves and shoes. Golfers can also take advantage of bathrooms with showers, toilets and locker rooms. The Golf Academy coach is ready to help beginners get the hang of the sport. The complex in Paczółtowice also includes a hotel, a conference centre, a stud farm and a shooting range. The venue hosts large-scale events, including weddings, formal banquets and trade shows, which can also be accompanied by golfing classes.

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