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Krakowska Pijalnia Zdrojowa Kraków

Kraków Spa Pump Room (Krakowska Pijalnia Zdrojowa)

Po lewej w rzędzie rośnie kilka drzew, a w centralnej części stoi ceglany budynek Krakowskiej Pijalni Zdrojowej z dużymi szklanymi drzwiami, podcieniami i słupami. W dachu małe okna z jaskółkami. Nad nim niebieskie, bezchmurne niebo. Po prawej bariery akustyczne.

ul. Wadowicka 1b, 30-347 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 578209309
A green area with beautiful old trees sits next to Kraków's Matecznego roundabout, hidden behind acoustic screens. This is the Pump Room and the Mateczny Spa Park.

Mineral waters were discovered here in 1898 by balneologist Antoni Mateczny. Seven years later, he built the Sulphate-Saline Water Bathing Plant there. He found the spring by accident. While doing construction work at his house, he unexpectedly came across the peculiar smell of sulphurous water springs. As a regular visitor to Czech spas, he was well-aware of the significance of his discovery. After confirming the healing properties of the water, he established his spa in 1905, which enjoyed great popularity, not only among Podgórze residents. Antoni Mateczny's Sulphurous-Saline Water Bathing Facility, just like today's Kraków Spa Pump Room, was located in the green surroundings of the Spa Park. It was frequented by the inhabitants of Kraków and the surrounding area, the artistic bohemia of Young Poland, as well as Stanisław Wyspiański and Juliusz Leo, the then Mayor of Kraków. In the 20th century, Antoni Mateczny's bathhouse gradually fell into decline. Now, a new chapter in the history of the Pump Room and the water source located here begins. Renovated and opened in 2021, the Park and the Spa buildings invite residents and tourists. The new Pump Room at the Matecznego roundabout offers two types of water: the high-mineralised "Mateczny Zdrój" and medium-mineralised "Anton" water. According to specialists, Mateczny water is worth using, among other things, to prevent urinary stones. It also helps with constipation and considerable intestine irritation, effectively removes sand from kidneys and is suitable for obesity and ... for a hangover. The water is available for drinking on the spot and is also sold bottled.

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