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Lokalna Kolej Drezynowa Regulice

Local Handcar Railway in Regulice

Lokalna kolej drezynowa w Regulicach.

ul. Kolejowa 6, 32-566 Regulice Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 518525259
The Local Handcar Railway in Regulice is the only idea in Małopolska that combines the passion for railways and tourism; it is based on the railway line no. 103 that was put to use in 1899.

Tourists can hop on one of ten 4-person bicycle draisines – powered by the muscles in your legs, as well as a single handcar, as well as one of the most beautiful railway routes in all of Poland, a trove of natural and geological treasures. The route includes the Regulice railway station and four passenger stops: Nieporaz (Oblaszki), Regulice Górne, Alwernia Spalona, and Station Winnica. The attraction is suitable for any age group. The railway operates according to a fixed timetable available on the website. Advance booking of a draisine via the online booking module or by phone is required. You can choose one of two routes – 11.2 kilometres or 7 kilometres long.The trip offers opportunities to spend time outdoors, discover interesting nature and see captivating views – including Triassic rocks, a local vineyard, a porphyritic rock quarry and numerous springs supplied from an aquifer consisting of limestone and dolomite from the Mesozoic era.The departure station of both routes is located in Regulice, which is well-connected with the region – the town is situated by the A4 motorway (Rudno / Alvernia Planet interchange) — about 30 kilometres from Kraków and Katowice. Nearby, you can also see the Tenczyn Castle in Rudno, the Lipowiec Open Air Museum and Castle in Wygiełzów, the Market Square and Małopolska Fire Fighting Museum in Alwernia… and take advantage of tens of kilometres of walking trails and cycling routes.

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