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Muzeum Zabawek Krynica-Zdrój

Museum of Toys, Krynica-Zdrój

Bryła budynku Muzeum Zabawek w Krynicy Zdrój. Po prawej stronie budynku niższa część budynku w kształcie małej wieży. Wejście do muzeum prowadzi po schodach. Budynek ogrodzony kamienno-drewnianym płotem. W tle las.

ul. Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 2, 33-380 Krynica-Zdrój Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski

tel. +48 693634114
The Museum of Toys is a magical journey into the land of childhood and a history lesson at the same time. It was invented by a married couple of enthusiasts, thanks to whom we can see today what our grandparents and great-grandparents used to play with.

If you want to move to a world where imagination rules, this Museum is for you. Over 3,6 thousand world-class exhibits have been collected in this unique place. Collected toys from almost all epochs, from antiquity to the 1980s, are on display, covering about three hundred square metres. The Museum's collection includes, among other things, home theatres, a LEGO exhibition, toys from films, dolls with accessories, tin toys, boys' militaries, building blocks, animals, optical toys and self-playing toys. One of the Museum of Toys attractions in Krynica is a fully equipped mini classroom from 50 years ago and six hundred toys from the communist era, which has already been presented in many Polish cities. Each year, new exhibits are added to the Museum. The Museum of Toys can be visited individually and in groups.

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