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Pałac Ślubów Oświęcim

Wedding Palace Oświęcim

Zdjęcie przedstawia przepiękny budynek willi Pałacu Ślubów w Oświęcimiu w stylu neobarokowym i neorenesansowym.

ul. Jagiełły 25, 32-600 Oświęcim Tourist region: Oświęcim i okolice

A villa of the doctor Antoni Ślosarczyk, built in the years 1903-1912.
It is a one-floor brick building with historicising stylish features and the prevalence of neo-Renaissance and neo-Baroque elements. The building was adjoined by a large garden from the east – today there is a car park in this location. The villa is often called a “small castle” or “small palace” due to the abundance of decorations of mansard windows and avant-corps stylised into a small tower. Today the building is also called the “Wedding Palace”, because the Registry Office was moved here after conservation and modernisation works. On the first floor, there is a magnificent wedding room with a separate entrance from the garden. For a few years, the Oświęcim City Council has also its seat here.

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