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Pstrąg Ojcowski

Ojców trout

Zdjęcie z lotu ptaka na stawy z pstrągami. W tle zabudowa Ojcowa wśród zielonego lasu.

32-047 Ojców Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska

Ojców trout is probably one of the most recognisable and award-winning regional products from Małopolska.

Trout ponds in Ojców owe their unique character to a picturesque location, natural microclimate and crystal clear and well-oxygenated water from the Młynówka stream. The combination of these factors and, as a result, the imitation of a mountain stream, i.e. the natural environment of brown trout, creates excellent conditions for breeding. The ojcowski trout was bred here in the interwar period. The first trout farm was established here in 1935 on the land of Princess Ludwika Czartoryska and was one of the first of its kind in the region. In 2014, Magda Węgiel and her daughter Agnieszka Sendor leased the unused ponds intended for naturalization. Thanks to their hard work and full commitment, they have successfully restored the splendour of brown trout farming, and at the same time created a wonderful place for rest, relaxation and culinary experiences.  Ojcowski trout is a traditional product from the Małopolska region, registered by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. After a trout feast in a field restaurant, you can go for a half-hour walk to Łokietka Cave.

The place where it comes from and where you can taste it is one of the most beautifully situated and tasty places in the region. All this thanks to the strength and power of two extraordinary women who have returned to the tradition of trout farming in Ojców. Smoked and grilled trout is served in the heart of the Prądnik Valley, in a strictly protected natural area, in the barbecue garden. A speciality is Ojców trout, which is smoked naturally on beech wood without adding preservatives or artificial colourings. The fish is served with local bread, wine from local vineyards, delicious and healthy juices, mineral waters from Małopolska springs and beer from regional breweries. Not only does Ojców trout taste exceptional, but it also inspires.

Ojców trout was awarded a distinction in the 2021 Tourist Treasures of Małopolska competition in the category Staying As Guests - Culinary Offer.


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