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Skała Diable Boisko Pławna

Devil’s Playground Rock, Pławna

Łuk skalny

33-190 Pławna Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

It looks like a bridge hung over an abyss. The sandstone monadnock in the village of Pławna has the form of a rock arch. According to legend, the rock was a gate to Hell, and devils played under the arch.

It looks impressive and has a dark legend associated with it. There was probably a cavern here once; today, the Devil’s Playground is the only rock structure of its kind in the entire Polish Beskids. It was created as a result of rock movements and erosion processes. Since 2004, it has been an inanimate nature monument. To reach it, follow the green tourist trail from the village of Pławna through the valley of the Biała River for about an hour. The picturesque trail leads through forests, a ravine, and along a stream. Children will be able to handle it very well. It is also ideal for those looking for a break from tourists.

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