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Stacja narciarska RyterSki


Stacja narciarska z wyciągiem krzesełkowym. Po bokach stoku ustawione armatki śnieżne, które naśnieżają stok.

Rytro 302, 33-343 Rytro Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski

tel. +48 184143500
tel. +48 882807112
Four-person chair lifts run over the slope of Jastrzębska Góra. In an hour, they can move up to 2,400 skiers,
snowboarders and other people who just want to enjoy the sight of the snow-capped mountains.
While on the top, you can look around you from the viewing terrace, go to the inn or simply go down straight away. The red, 700-metre-long piste with official FIS approval, running along the chair lift is something for people who already feel confident and have the necessary skills. Slightly less experienced skiers will definitely enjoy the blue piste, which, despite being much longer (1,200 metres), is also much milder. People who take learning their ropes will probably start in the ski academy and on the flat, 220-metre slope with a T-bar lift of the same length. The station also offers a Greenhorn Slope for the youngest children, a 50-metre-long belt, as well as the “Rogaś kindergarten” and “day camp with Rogaś”. At the bottom station, you can find a ski academy, service, equipment rental, two hotels, as well as the “Oberża Pod Aniołami” Inn. An artificial ice rink operates at the ski station. All of this is located in the very heart of Beskid Sądecki. A charming, intimate station, perfect for family holidays. Come and feel like in paradise.

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