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Stacja Narciarska Olczań-Ski Bukowina Tatrzańska


Narciarz na stoku.

ul. Wierch Olczański, 34-530 Bukowina Tatrzańska Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

tel. +48 669552511
Turnia, Zwyrtlik, Skałka and UFO – all of them comprise Olczań Ski, a small ski complex on Olczański
Wierch in Bukowina Tatrzańska.
The chair lift and three t-bar lifts are located on the north-western and north-eastern slopes. As a result, you can ski along the several hundred-metre-long pistes that were established on the slopes as late as in March. The mountain is not too steep, which makes it is ideal for skiing and snowboarding lessons. The slopes are illuminated, groomed and artificially covered with snow.

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