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Wieża widokowa na górze Modyń

The Lookout Tower on Mount Modyń

Wieża widokowa Modyń na tle zachodzącego słońca oraz szczytów Beskidu Wyspowego.

Zalesie Tourist region: Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy

A beautiful view of the Beskids, the Pieniny and the Tatras from one place? Yes, it is now possible. A new viewing platform has been erected on Mount Modyń, also known as the Mountain of Lovers. It is 27 metres high.

It is said that in good weather you can also see Krakow from the lookout tower. It undoubtedly offers picturesque views of the Island Beskids, the Gorce and the Tatra Mountains. To get to the top, you can take the blue trail from the village of Młyńczyska or Zbludza, or the blue trail from the Millennium Cross (krzyż milenijny) in Młyńczyska or choose one of the many unmarked paths that also lead to the platform. There was already a wooden construction on Modyń many years ago, except that the material from which it was made was not resistant to temperature and weather changes. The lookout tower was destroyed by a wind storm in the 1980s. The new wooden one is durable and is similar in design to the tower on Koziarz, and it is also equipped with a camera. Mount Modyń is located more than 1,000 metres above sea level in the area with five villages and three municipalities (gminy): Łącko, Łukowica and Kamienica. They call it the Mountain of Lovers because many couples profess their love there, get engaged, and it is also said that it’s where single hikers can find their other half.

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