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Zalew Balaton Trzebinia

Balaton Lake, Trzebinia

Zalew Balaton

ul. Św. Stanisława, 32-540 Trzebinia Tourist region: Oświęcim i okolice

tel. +48 326121227
fax. +48 326121147
Organiser: Urząd Miasta w Trzebini
ul. Marszałka Piłsudskiego 14, 32-540 Trzebinia
The Balaton swimming area is called the heart of Trzebinia. The popular reservoir was created on the site of a former limestone quarry which was flooded with water when the usable rock was exhausted.

The swimming area is nearly circular and makes an impression with is crystal-clear water. It is no surprise that the Polish Balaton has become a favourite spot for local residents. You can rest here, swim, dive, and fish. Climbers can try their skills on the steep rocks protruding above the water. The reservoir was created after the extraction of limestone ended in the 1960s. In the summer it serves as a swimming site and part of it is used by the Polish Angling Society – Trzebinia Branch and the Diving Club. Originally, there was a hill rising to about 346 metres above sea level composed of Jurassic limestone (remains of sponge reefs can be seen in the characteristic granular structure of the rocks).

It is a great place to take a walk and catch your breath. As a result of natural processes, a forest dominated by birch trees has grown on parts of the former excavation site, while amphibians and moisture-loving plants have moved into the small fens. In the southern part of the reservoir, there is a large beach with swimming facilities, while steep rocks tower over the water in the northern part, attracting fans of rock climbing. The water in the Polish Balaton is crystal clear, as it is fed by underground cold springs. The clarity of the water encourages diving. At the bottom of the reservoir, you can see sunken railway tracks, a mining wagon, and yacht wrecks.



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