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Muzeum Klasztorne oo. Cystersów Szczyrzyc

Cistercian Monastic Museum Szczyrzyc

Filia Muzeum Diecezjalnego w Tarnowie - Muzeum Klasztorne oo. Cystersów w Szczyrzycu
Szczyrzyc 1, 14-623 Szczyrzyc Туристический регион: Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy
tel. +48 183320004
The Museum in Szczyrzyc is housed in the 17th-century building of the monastic granary.
It was founded in 1954 by the then Abbot. It may boast of, inter alia, a large collection of militaria, numismatic collections and the only Polish 18th-century copy of the world map from the 13th century. In addition, we may find here religious objects, folk art, memorabilia of Władysław Orkan. An interesting thing are the exhibits related to the history of brewing, as the oldest brewery in Poland operates at the monastery.

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