It doesn't fit into the picture! Make yourself at home in Małopolska!

Panorama of the snow-covered Tatra Mountains.
The lady with the ermine only smiles mysteriously at us. The Wawel Dragon throws out a fiery invitation. The exquisite specialities of Małopolska cuisine – traditional, but also with a touch of elegant modernity – delight the eye. The cool waters of the Dunajec River, swirling around the Pieniny rocks, murmur pleasantly. A spray of stones scatters from under the bicycle wheels, a balloon soars silently into the sky and skis trace fine lines on snow-white slopes...

Małopolska plays for you! Wind, sun, rain, snow, gloom, but also colourful history, world-class monuments, unique cycling routes, paths reaching for the sky, also exquisite taste and aroma conjured from regional specialities.

Play with us! Stay in the Małopolska region for a day, a weekend, or maybe longer. Give yourselves a treat – on the screen and beyond!

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