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Bacówka Andrzeja Lassaka Lipnica Wielka

Andrzej Lassak's Shepherd's Hut in Lipnica Wielka

Teren Bacówki Andrzeja Lassaka w Lipnicy Wielkiej, po lewej stoi bacówka i kilka metalowych wiader przed nią. Obok jest drewniany płot z furtką i droga prowadzi do kolejnego drewnianego obiektu, koło którego stoją auta. Niebo jest niebieskie.

Lipnica Wielka Tourist region: Beskid Żywiecki i Orawa

Andrzej Lassak comes from and lives in Suche, but he shepherds at the foot of Babia Góra in Lipnica Wielka, near the border with Slovakia. There is a beautiful view of the Orava Lake and the Tatra Mountains.

The shepherd's hut stands on Ziębowa Glade, and the sheep graze mainly on Marysina Glade. 'I came here 13 years ago,' says the senior shepherd to whom every year breeders from Chyżne and Podhale entrust their livestock. 'I pasture about 400 sheep, of which 150 are mine,' he remarks. Andrzej Lassak, who together with his son cultivates pastoral traditions, is also supported by his wife and daughters. His father, also Andrzej Lassak, who used to shepherd in the Bieszczady, Jaworki and Bukowina Tatrzańska, is constantly present at the shepherd's hut. 'Since childhood I have spent all my holidays at my father's shepherd's hut, so I have a long record of professional experience with sheep,' stresses the shepherd. The Lassak family sells their cheeses on market days by the road from Jabłonka to Bobrowo. Lipnica Wielka is one of the well-known and popular villages in the Polish part of Orawa. The products made from sheep milk cheese are in no way inferior to those made in Podhale, Spisz or the Pieniny Mountains. Oscypek is produced according to the same method everywhere, and the sheep's milk content (cow's milk is also used) must be the same everywhere.  Hence the guarantee of the appropriate quality, although the ultimate taste is, of course, somewhat different depending on the shepherd's hut. Every shepherd's hut has its own family secrets as to how the iconic oscypek should be made.

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