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Bacówka Jana Lupy Konina

Jan Lupa's shepherd's hut in Konina

Kocioł do podgrzewania mleka nad paleniskiem w bacówce.

Konina Tourist region: Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy

tel. +48 886222566
Jan Lupa is one of the few senior shepherds in the Limanowa region. This makes it all the more worth visiting him if you want to taste original sheep milk cheese straight from a mountain shepherd's hut while enjoying your holiday in this part of the Małopolska.

He is the only one in Konina who pastures sheep and produces oscypki. The senior shepherd is very popular in his neighbourhood. He is known both by the inhabitants of the neighbouring villages and tourists who come to Koninki to explore the mountain trails in the Gorce National Park. 'He is a very busy man. He gets home at 10 p.m., and by 4 a.m. he is already out with the sheep', say his relatives. Shepherding, which means, among other things, running a shepherd's hut in the summer season, remains his passion and is his whole life. Konina, on the other hand, is a village located on the northern slopes of the Gorce Mountains; all evidence suggests that the name of the place founded by Cistercians originates from martens. It is worth mentioning that practically since time immemorial the local people have lived off shepherding and it appears that this tradition has survived in this region to this day. Although there is basically one shepherd's hut operating in the traditional way in this part of Małopolska, it offers excellent products made from sheep's milk. Traditional oscypek is one of the delicacies made here according to the same recipe that is used in Skalne Podhale or, for example, in the Pieniny Mountains. But it is only one of many types of sheep milk cheese available at Jan Lupa's Shepherd's Hut.

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