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Bacówka Nad Łomnicą

Shepherd's hut 'Nad Łomnicą'

Widok z hali na drzewa, las i bacówkę nad Łomnicą w oddali.

Piwniczna-Zdrój Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski

The Pasture Nad Łomnicą consists of several smaller glades divided by forested sections. On hot days, the sheep hide among the trees, searching for shade and coolness. Grazing on the Łomnica River helps protect valuable flower species from the fern overgrowing the mountain pasture. Stanisław Żywczak's sheep graze carefree on the green meadows of the protected area in Poprad Landscape Park.

The rich natural beauty of the area, cared for by the shepherd and his sheep, is reflected in the great diversity and cultural diversity of the area, and the beautiful Lemko Orthodox churches are a well-known tourist attraction. The shepherd's hut is easy to reach, but it is difficult to find the road leading to it. However, it is worth looking for it, as you can admire the beautiful mountain scenery. There is also the spa town of Łomnica Zdrój nearby. The village is famous for its local products, especially the excellent Łomnica dumplings (the dough is made of grated potatoes and the stuffing consists of boiled potatoes and bryndza). It is worth trying this delicacy, as there exist even local anecdotes about its greatness. There are dogs in the shepherd's hut: Wiher, Rudek, Bela, and Maks. Source: informatoriumkarpackie.pl

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