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Dolina Roztoki

The Roztoka Valley

Wzburzony górski strumień w Tatrach Wysokich w Dolinie Roztoki. Obok strumienia znajdują się zielone drzewa i krzewy.

Roztoka Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

An exceptionally charming valley leading from the Mickiewicz Waterfalls to the Valley of Five Polish Lakes is frequently visited by tourists. The route is characterised by quite a steep climb in the first part of the trip, then the road flattens out and leads along a picturesque path through the forest to lead sharply upwards again at the last stage. Walking along the valley bottom, one can admire the steep slopes of Wołoszyn. After reaching the fork in the culmination of the route, after approx. 1.5-hour of walking, one can choose to approach the Valley of Five Polish Lakes along the black trail towards Świstowa Czuba or the green trail via the Siklawa Waterfall. The walking time - about 45 minutes – is similar for both routes. The strenuous uphill hike is worth it, as a view of Krzyżne, the soaring Buczynowe Turnie Peaks and the panorama spreading from the hostel area is truly stunning.

Although the route to the Roztoka Valley begins at the Mickiewicz Waterfalls, one should bear in mind to calculate the initial distance from Palenica Białczańska (where a car can be parked) to the Waterfalls when planning the trip.

Admission to the Valley is paid.

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