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Enklawa Przyrodnicza Bobrowisko Stary Sącz

The Bobrowisko Natural Enclave, Stary Sącz

Widok z lotu ptaka na stawy i zieleń Enklawy Przyrodniczej Bobrowisko w Starym Sączu.

Stary Sącz Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski

Wildlife, animals in their natural habitat, a view of the Dunajec River and silence. All this can be found in the Bobrowisko Nature Enclave, where one can observe nature. The site consists of wooden observation paths (400 metres long) located between marshes, lakes and thickets, as well as two gazebos.

The Enclave is proof that sustainable use of the environment is possible. Aggregate extraction began here in the 1950s. After two decades, the Starosądek gravel pit was a plant of national importance, operating on an area of 50 hectares. Twenty-five years ago, mining was stopped, and the site was re-cultivated. Thanks to the power of nature and this project, today, one can observe the wealth of fauna and flora in its natural habitat of willow and ash elm forest. The beaver with its dams, feeding grounds and a whole system of canals connecting all the water bodies in the area, pairs of mute swans as an example of fidelity in the animal world, the heron found in migration and the world of insects and amphibians are particularly worthy of attention. Walking along the path among the trees overlooking the Dunajec River, one can relax, and the educational boards will help broaden one’s knowledge and bring the natural world closer. It is easy to move along the path with a pram.

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