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Gajówka Mikołaja Łopuszna

Mikołaj's Lodge Łopuszna

Zdjęcie przedstawia nieduży drewniany dom w stylu góralskim z dodatkowymi zabudowaniami również z drewna, prowadzącą do nich szutrową drogę, kamienny mur oporowy po prawej stronie i otaczającą zabudowania zieleń lasu Gorczańskiego Parku Narodowego.

34-432 Łopuszna Tourist region: Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy

Mikołaj's Lodge is a settlement in the forest in Gorce National Park. The Lodge was built in the Zakopane style and is covered with a steep shingle roof. Today, it is part of the park's educational and exhibition facilities.

Stefan Lgocki, who was a co-owner of the Łopuszna estate, initiated the construction of the settlement. It was called Mikołaj's Lodge after its first resident, the gamekeeper Mikołaj Kostkin. He was a Russian who ended up in Łopuszna as a prisoner of war during the First World War and served as a gamekeeper until  1947.

Today, the reconstructed buildings of the settlement serve as educational and exhibition facilities of the Gorce National Park. The expositions arranged in their interiors excitingly and attractively allow visitors to get to acquaint themselves with nature in the Gorce area, and to learn about the history of nature protection thereabouts and the attempts to breed European bison in the Łopuszna Valley. In the outbuilding, you can see a recreation of a forester's office and the tools used for work in the forest. In addition, the Lodge hosts educational activities, film screenings and lectures. Tourists can obtain information there on the rules for visits in Gorczański Park and the tourist attractions in the vicinity. While visiting the Lodge, you can also stock up on interesting publications. An essential part of the exhibition is the presentation of events in and around Łopusznaduring World War II and in the years afterwards.  Copies of archival photographs and original artefacts found at the sites of partisan camps, among others, are of great documentary value. 

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