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Gmina Łapsze Niżne

Łapsze Niżne Commune

Widok na ośnieżone szczyty Tatr z polany w Gminie Łapsze Niżne. Na polanie widać kilka łysych drzew, kapliczkę oraz pojedyncze połacie śniegu.

Łapsze Niżne Tourist region: Pieniny i Spisz

The Łapsze Niżne Commune is located on the Polish-Slovak border, in Spis between Podhale and the Pieniny Mountains. It is the only fully Spis commune in Poland.

There is a wealth of historical monuments here, including beautiful brick churches or the wooden church in Trybsz with the oldest panorama of the Tatra Mountains. Roadside shrines, unique Spis ‘sypánce’ in Kacwin, beautiful waterfalls, historic castle and wine cellars in Frydman, multimedia nature exhibition in Łapsze Niżne, the highest earth dam in Poland, the hydroelectric power station in Niedzica, and finally the famous 14th-century old Hungarian fortress – the Dunajec Castle in Niedzica, the Castle at Lake Czorsztyńskie and many others are attractions for all tourists.

The Commune of Łapsze Niżne is a place where you can enjoy beautiful views not only from observation points and towers but also from an extensive network of pedestrian and bicycle paths equipped with resting places for cyclists (the Spis Loop, Velo Dunajec, the Trail Around the Tatras or the path around Lake Czorsztyńskie, where there are points that have educational, natural, historical and cultural values).

The Commune is a place where, in addition to many attractions adapted for people with special needs and an extensive recreational and sports infrastructure, the culture and tradition of Spis, which is supported by the young generation, is preserved, presented in regional costumes, lively noise and residents' hospitality, as well as annual commune events related to the region, in which the local Association of Rural Women, regional bands or brass bands always get involved.

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