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Grupa Podhalańska GOPR

GOPR – Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue Podhale Group

Trzy osoby na szczycie o zachodzie słońca.
tel. 601 100 300
The Podhale Group of the Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue based in Rabka-Zdrój operates in the area of Gorce, Pieniny, Island Beskids, Policy Range, Orawa and part of Beskid Sądecki, covering 4200 km2 and about 1500 kilometres of hiking trails, as well as 4 large chairlifts and about 50 ski lifts.

The Group has well-trained rescuers and state-of-the-art rescue equipment and means of transportation as well as a comprehensive GPS navigation system. It also actively cooperates with the Polish Medical Air Rescue. The rescuers of the Podhale Group take part in disaster response – in particular in the case of floods and fires – cooperating in this regard with the State Fire Service and the police. Currently, there are 8 Operational Sections of the Podhale Group.

Every year, rescuers of the Podhale Group participate in about 700 operations, expeditions and interventions, working more than 3000 hours to ensure the safety of people in the mountains and beyond.

What is more, the Podhale Group has 8 active dog handlers.

Contact information: +48 18 267 68 80, poczta@gopr-podhale.pl.

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