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Kościół świętego Mikołaja Polanka Wielka

St. Nicholas’ Church in Polanka Wielka

Wnętrze drewnianego kościoła.

ul. Kościelna 26, 32-607 Polanka Wielka

tel. +48 338488567
tel. +48 338488383
Its construction dates from the C16th, while in 1658 it was rebuilt in the baroque style.
The north side of the chancel has retained the brick wall of the old chapel. Adjoining the nave on the west is a spire covered by a cupola which is capped with an obelisk. Inside the church the walls are divided with the help of pilasters and cornices. You can also see a baroque crucifix. Among the church fittings the C18th rococo altars, marble baroque font and classical pulpit are particularly noteworthy. The choir-loft contains an organ produced by Wawrzyniec Harbutowski in 1735. Worth seeing in the area! In Polanka, there is the Palace Complex, surrounded by a park (with numerous natural monuments, dating back to the 17th century). We can also admire the beautiful view of the Krakowska and Śląska Upland, Oświęcimska Valley and the ranges of the Little Beskids.

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