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Dom Rzemiosł Teatralnych - Teatr im. Juliusza Słowackiego w Krakowie

The House of Theatre Crafts in Kraków

Ceglany, zadbany budynek o nazwie Dom Rzemiosł Teatralnych w Krakowie. Stoi przy drodze, wzdłuż drogi stoi sznur zaparkowanych samochodów.

ul. Radziwiłłowska 3, 31-000 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 607989894
In this unusual and fascinating place, you will learn how people work behind the scenes of theatre stages. The House of Crafts has been dedicated to the work of unseen artists, including dressmakers, wardrobe makers and carpenters, who prepare a performance long before the premiere. It's a magical space where you learn about the history of Polish theatre through people you cannot find on posters.

The House of Theatre Crafts is housed in a century-old, refurbished costume and prop warehouse of the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Kraków. It houses, among other things, modern tailoring studios, a rehearsal room and a costume and prop rental shop. The interior of the building has been designed in a way that goes beyond the scheme of a traditional museum or gallery. It is also a venue for meetings and workshops related to theatre.

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