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Małopolskie Centrum Dźwięku i Słowa Niepołomice

Małopolska Sound and Word Centre Niepołomice

Biały budynek przypominający szlachecki dwór pod ciemnym spadzistym dachem

ul. Zamkowa 4, 32-005 Niepołomice Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 123573465
tel. +48 692380139
The Małopolska Sound and Word Centre in Niepołomice is a comprehensive cultural, educational, entertainment and training facility.

The building of the Małopolskie Centrum Dźwięku i Słowa in Niepołomice houses an auditorium with a professional sound and lighting system, as well as comprehensive backstage facilities with technical rooms and a spacious dressing room for artists and performers. Over the years, several hundred performances, concerts, meetings, parties and events have been held at the MCDiS.

 Among other things, the institution hosts the only Museum of Phonography in Poland. It occupies seven exhibition rooms featuring around 150 exhibits, the oldest of which are more than 130 years old. Sound-recording and playback devices are on display. Visitors can learn about their history and development. The listening room, with around 2,000 vinyl records, is an integral part of the exhibition. Visitors can listen to a record of their choice at one of the seven listening booths.

In addition to the museum and auditorium, there are workshop rooms, a recording studio, a 60-seat cinema, and the music club 'Pod pretekstem', where only vinyl music is played.

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