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Muzeum sensoryczno-naukowe WOMAI Kraków

WOMAI – sensorial and scientific museum

Okulary do eksperymentów

ul. Pawia 34, 31-154 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 123132359
WOMAI – A never-ending story about mutual inspiration and incessant discovery
How much do you trust your senses? What would happen if you missed one of them? Would you be able to cope in unknown place, strolling in total darkness? In WOMAI you will find out that not everything is like it seems.
We present you a completely new place rich in surprises. Welcome to WOMAI – sensorial and scientific museum that is situated in the center of Cracow, street Pawia 34. Two exhibitions that we propose to visitors: “Into the light” and “Into the dark” present two opposite worlds. On the light side you will use all the spectra of senses. Light, sound, illusions, astonishing facts from the world of science… you will realize how much you can discover in the light part of our world. Be ready as well for extreme sensory stimulation except the sight in the dark exhibition. Our blind guides would show you with pleasure this part of their world that we all know from the stories. There will be complete darkness in the exhibition and the only thing that will guide you will be the voice of guide… and your own intuition. Will you face the challenge?

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