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Ogród Doświadczeń imienia Stanisława Lema Kraków

Stanisław Lem Garden of Experiences Kraków

dzieci bawiące się na torze kulkowym w ogrodzie doświadczeń

Aleja Pokoju 68, 31-580 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 124286600
A visit to the Stanisław Lem Garden of Experiments in Kraków is a great opportunity to learn by playing. Thanks to its interactive exhibits, children and adults alike can easily learn and discover many laws of physics. There are approximately 110 pieces of equipment scattered around the Garden – each of them can be touched to experience a physical phenomena through different senses. This year, more than 40 new pieces were added to the Garden!

Thanks to the exhibits featured in the Garden, visitors can create a water vortex, send and receive messages using an acoustic telegraph, read the time on a sundial, look in a distorting mirror or inside a giant kaleidoscope, experience optical illusions and find out how these phenomena come to be. A visit to the Garden of Experiments is also a great opportunity to learn more about geology (in the Geo-Garden). The Garden hosts workshops, demonstrations, sky observations and other events – usually during the Night of Museums, Researchers’ Night and Lem Day. Paying a visit to the Garden is a perfect idea for an active afternoon with the whole family. One of the unique features of this place is that all of the 100 exhibits are located outdoors, among the greenery. This year, 40 new devices were added to the collection, including a rocket that teaches navigation, as well as swings that help visitors learn more about various physical phenomena. With various attractive slides, guests can learn more about various curves and the speed of falling, and a special magnetic pendulum will help you find answers to questions regarding the phenomena related to its motion. This unusual museum allows visitors to spend time at the Cosmic Playground and in the Science Gym. One of the zones – the Sand Planet – features sand as the main test subject. The museum also features a vegetable garden with a greenhouse and a spherical one where you can watch nature films. The bold can try their skills by riding a bicycle on a tightrope. Are there going to be any bold souls who want to ride under the guidance of an instructor? The Stanisław Lem Garden of Experiments – a branch of the Museum of Urban Engineering in Kraków – awaits you daredevils.



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