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Schronisko PTTK na Przehybie

PTTK Mountain Shelter on Mt Przehyba

Okazały budynek schroniska PTTK na Przehybie kryty jasnozielonym dachem w otoczeniu drzew

Przehyba, 33-388 Gołkowice Górne Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski

tel. +48 184421390
tel. +48 792555309
The PTTK Mountain Shelter on Mt Przehyba is located in a beautiful part of Poland – below the summit of Mt Przehyba (which rises 1175 m above sea level) in the Radziejowa Range in the heart of the Beskid Sądecki. Mt Przehyba is a lovely place – it lies in the Poprad Landscape Park, and the vast mountain pastures surrounding it offer picturesque views of the Tatra, Pieniny and Gorce Mountains (’ ...and when you look from Mt Przehyba, you can see almost the whole world...’ wrote Artur Andrus in his song). The shelter is an ideal starting point for hiking or touring the Beskid Sądecki – numerous hiking, horse riding, cycling and cross-country skiing trails intersect in its vicinity.

The shelter was first opened to tourists in October 1937, and just a few months later, the facility had a total of 52 beds.  A new post-war shelter (the first one was torched by the Germans during a raid in pursuit of partisans) was put into operation in 1958. Another fire destroyed the wooden part of the building in 1991.In 2003  the chalet was reopened after being renovated and modernised. At present, the shelter accommodates up to 50 people in 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6- and 7-bed rooms (some have bathrooms, others only have washbasins, but each floor has bathrooms and showers). The kitchen serves meals of traditional Polish cuisine – the pierogi, especially the Russian and the blueberry, always get a lot of praise as do the pork chops with fried cabbage, the sour soup and the tomato soup, the flagship apple pie and the shelter's own 'house special' winter tea. A tourist kitchen is also available to guests. PTTK discounts are honoured at the facility.

The so-called Jaskówka – a building right next to the hostel – houses the Memorial Chamber of the shelter patron, Professor K. Sosnowski, who is deservedly honoured hir his contributions to the development of tourism in the Beskid Mountains, and is home to the Museum Centre of KTG PTTK with collections documenting the development of tourism in the Beskid Sądecki. Also located here (on the ground floor of the building) is the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, where Holy Mass is celebrated every Sunday during the summer season.

The shelter organises winter camps with skiing lessons, summer camps, bonfires with lamb spit-roasted over an open-pit fire, parties, hiking and cycling ralliesand other events. And, shutterbugs and camera lovers can sign up for  'The Beskids in the Lens' – a weekend-long course in photography basics with plenty of tips on how to get the very best nature photos.


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