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Widok z lotu ptaka na Wieś Kościelec oraz domy znajdujące się koło drogi. Oprócz domostw widać dużo drzew, łąk oraz w oddali kawałek Wisły.

Kościelec Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

Located in the Proszowice District, the village of Kościelec is known for its unusual layout. The settlement originally focused on the hills by the river flowing through the village.

On one of the hills, the Church of St. Adalbert was erected in Kościelec in 1231–1242. The church is a rare example in Małopolska of a rural church built in the Romanesque style. Its considerable size and exceptionally rich elaboration of stone details distinguish it. On another hill, a noble manor house from the turn of the 17th century was built along with a park. Only the 19th-century manor park has survived to this day (the manor house was demolished in 1945). Today, the site is a naturalistic landscape park with traces of a geometric French garden. The current park user – the Fire Service College in Kraków – took the place of the former farmstead. The stadium of LKS Plomień Kościelec was built on the manor area. Also worth visiting are the belfry from the 2nd half of the 19th century, the parish cemetery with a chapel and an ornamental fence from the 19th century, the primary school from the 1930s, and the new primary school from 1992–1996 with an impressive mural of Nicolaus Copernicus. A bicycle path runs through the village.

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