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Wodospad Pluskawka

Pluskawka Waterfall

U góry fragment pogodnego nieba pomiędzy drzewami. Niżej niewysoka skała z dwoma garbami i z niej kilkoma strumieniami spadająca woda do rzeki, pośrodku oświetlonej promieniami słońca.

Rdzawa Tourist region: Pogórza

The Pluskawka waterfall has been formed on a sandstone bank exposed as a result of a surface layer of shale having been leached out.
The height of the step is not impressive, as it is less than 2 m but it becomes exposed even 50 m before and forms the rocky riverbed of the Przeginia river. It is strongly furrowed by dragged gravel, gullies and widened slits dividing the mainstream into several streams have been formed therein. From the step, water gets into an extensive evorsion kettle.

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