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Trasy nordic walking w lasach kompleksu Polanowice Goszcza

Nordic walking routes in the forests of the Polanowice-Goszcza forest complex

Nordic walking trails are located in the forests of the Polanowice-Goszcza forest complex belonging to the Miechów Forest District and covering in a significant part the municipality of Słomniki.
They run in very picturesque forest locations, among forest glades. They have different levels of difficulty, so they are available both for enthusiasts of this sport, lovers of running or cross-country skiing, but also for entire families who are just looking for some active recreation. The green route, the easiest one, is a 3.4 km loop; followed by the moderately difficult red one – 6.2 km and the difficult black route – 9.9 km. On the trail are boards showing a set of exercises recommended before setting off on the road, as well as heart rate measurement points. The routes have common points, they overlap or cross each other. This allows you to freely lengthen and shorten your walkway or change the direction of the walk. The loop is best reached by the national road No. 7, turning left in the Zalesie village, when coming from Słomniki (you have to pass the barrier). There is also a walking route from Słomniki through Miłocice, marked in yellow.

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