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Zespół drewnianej zabudowy Mokrzyska

The complex of wooden buildings in Mokrzyska

Drewniana zabudowa we wsi Mokrzyska, chaty stojące wzdłuż drogi.

Mokrzyska Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

It is all that remains of the long rows of wooden huts which twenty years ago still dominated the village.
Currently you can see a set of buildings with their gables turned to the road, reminding us how such a street layout once looked. The peasant huts with gable or hipped roofs are characteristic of the Kraków style: single-storey, single-bay and built using log construction, they have up to three living spaces. The huts were not boarded and the walls were white-washed or painted blue. White-washing was also used on the strips between the beams of the framework.

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