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Żywa Szopka Gmina Jerzmanowice-Przeginia

Living Nativity Scene Jerzmanowice-Przeginia Commune

Osioł i wielbłąd w zagrodzie - żywej szopce w Gminie Jerzmanowice-Przeginia.

Jerzmanowice Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

Chickens, a pony, moufflons, a calf, a donkey, goats, pigeons, an exotic camel and other animals delight the youngest as well as the slightly older tourists who visit the Jerzmanowice - Przeginia Commune and the live nativity scene organised there during the Christmas season.

In the Jerzmanowice-Przeginia Commune, the continuation of an old Christian tradition has been combined with a fantastic attraction that holds undeniable educational value.  Seeing live animals, in particular  exotic ones, is a great way to combine learning and fun. It is also an active family activity.

The living nativity scene is also an opportunity to get together, extend holiday greetings, make wishes and sing carols together. It is accompanied by a range of attractions: pony rides, a Christmas fair with handicrafts, Christmas decorations, food stalls, and Santa Claus. Santa Claus with gifts 

The Living Nativity Scene in the Jerzmanowice-Przeginia municipality was the winner in the 2021 Małopolska Tourist Treasures competition in the Unique Tourist Attraction category.

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