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Szlak rowerowy Brzeszcze na rowerze

Brzeszcze by bike

Trasa rowerowa wzdłuż stawów
Scale of difficulty: For beginners
Types of trails: Cycle
Length of trail: 15,0 km
Brzeszcze Tourist region: Oświęcim i okolice

Beginning of the trail: Brzeszcze

End of the trail: Skidziń

Total length of the trail: 15.0 km

Difficulty: easy

This is a new, 14-km-long trail in the municipality of Brzeszcze  that meanders through picturesque ponds in the floodplains of the Vistula and Soła rivers and is routed mostly on gravel and asphalt roads and on side streets of the town. Due to its flat course and low motor vehicle  traffic, it is suitable for recreational riding even for beginners, on basically any type of bike except road bikes. The junction with the Vistula Bicycle Route is located within the Natura 2000 area and can also be reached from the Jawiszowice-Brzeszcze railway station. The trail is well marked. Two rest stops for cyclists with information boards and maps were created here. The trail also connects with another trail in the municipality of Brzeszcze, running along the memorial sites of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, so both of them can be used to see most of the town and its surroundings. In the future, it will also serve as a link to the VeloSoła route.

Maximum elevation: 260 m a.s.l.

The lowest point on the route is at elevation: 232 m a.s.l.

The route runs through the following protected areas:

Natura 2000: Dolna Soła Valley, Ponds in Brzeszcze

28% of the route runs through forested areas.

Tourist attractions:

Natural attractions:

Natura 2000 – Dolna Soła Valley, Natura 2000 – Dolna Soła, Natura 2000 – Ponds in Brzeszcze.

37% of the trail runs on roads free of motor vehicle  traffic.

Brzeszcze - Miedźna - Skidziń

Obiekty na trasie