Małopolska Droga św. Jakuba - Trasa Szczepanowice–Polanowice–Zalesie

The Małopolska Region Way of Saint James – Szczepanowice–Polanowice–Zalesie route

The Małopolska Region Way of Saint James – Szczepanowice–Polanowice–Zalesie route
The trail begins in Sandomierz and ends in Krakow; on its route there are 12 temples dedicated to Saint James the Apostle. One of its most beautiful fragments runs through the Municipality of Słomniki and its outskirts.
Szczepanowice–Polanowice–Zalesie route (8 km)
One of its most picturesque parts include the trail from Niegardów to Więcławice Stare. The Szczepanowice–Polanowice–Zalesie section runs among wavy fields and meadows, as well as beautiful forests.
In Szczepanowice, at the main intersection of the village, you can admire a beautiful wooden chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Częstochowa. The chapel was built in the 19th century on the initiative of the inhabitants, who built it and maintained it all by themselves. It was renovated in 2012. Inside you will find a beautiful, 19th century image of the Mother of God with Baby Jesus, which has also been restored during the renovation.
Not far from there, on a high hill, there is a mass grave of 49 Russian and Austrian soldiers who died in a local skirmish during World War I.
Following the trail through the Polanowice-Goszcza forest complex, we pass by the chapel of Saint Hubert, known as the patron of hunters. It is a favourite walking destination for local residents. Next to the chapel, fixed on the three, there is an icon of Saint Nicholas with the image of Saint Hubert in the lower right corner, placed here by foresters in 1996. This section of the Way of Saint James is very well prepared for pilgrims and tourists.
Szczepanowice Tourist subregion: Krakowski
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