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Mural W Oświęcimiu Jest Bosko Oświęcim

Mural – Bosco in Oświęcim - Oświęcim

Mural – Bosco in Oświęcim - Oświęcim
Types of trails: Themed
ul. Jagiełły 10, Oświęcim Tourist subregion: Oświęcimski
It's a tradition for famous artists to unveil in Oświęcim a mural that they designed that would be related to the peaceful message of the Life Festival Oświęcim organised by the Peace Festival Foundation with financial support of the city of Oświęcim
The mural was created as part of the programme „Małopolskie dziedzictwo – bon edukacyjny” (The heritage of Lesser Poland – the educational coupon) during the execution of the project: „Razem” (Together) – Polish-Ukrainian art and cultural meetings during the 7th festival „Jackowe Granie” (approx. Playing with John [Bosco]). [the name of the mural is a play on the Polish name of John Bosco – Bosko, a word that in Polish means 'godly' but also 'wonderful, great' – translator's note]