Na pole bitwy racławickiej

Onto the Racławice Battlefield

Onto the Racławice Battlefield
In Miechów, where the route begins, it is worth stopping by the basilica of the Holy Sepulchre. The old temple of the “bożogrobcy” order was erected in the 13th century and later converted in Baroque style. The tall tower is topped with a characteristic sphere, which can be seen from many locations in the Miechów area. Leave the town and head south-east on the green bicycle trail – a small road passing through Wymysłów, Zarogów and Pojałowice to Nasiechowice. On the edge of the town you will see the signs of the red Kościuszko bicycle trail, leading from Kraków to the battlefield near Racławice. Continue on the red trail from Nasiechowice to Racławice. After traversing the Ścieklec valley, climb the hill neighbouring Racławice. Once in the village, why not visit some places connected with the famous battle fought here on 4 April 1794, when the Polish army led by Tadeusz Kościuszko defeated Russian troops. In order not to return to Miechów on the same road, cross road no. 783 (Miechów – Skalbmierz) in the centre of Racławice and head on the side road towards the village of Dale. Once there, turn left and go along the buildings until you reach the forest, where you will turn right at the fork of the road. Climb through the forest to the Góry Miechowskie (Miechów mountains), continue along the mountain ridge to Kalina-Rędziny and enter road no. 783 towards Miechów.
Miechów - Nasiechowice - Racławice - Dale - Góry Miechowskie - Kalina-Rędziny - Miechów
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Length of trail: 35
Miechów Tourist region: Kraków i okolice
Tourist subregion: Krakowski
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