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Rzeka Dunajec

Dunajec River

Od lewej trzy skaliste , pokryte gdzie nie gdzie mchem półwyspy obok płynącej bystrej rzeki, która zakręca za górę po prawej. Na rzece trzy tratwy z siedzącymi turystami i po dwóch górali na przodzie tratwy i z tyłu. Po lewej zalesiona wysoka góra. Na wprost dwie trójkątne, zalesione góry. Niebo pogodne.

Nowy Targ Tourist region: Pieniny i Spisz, Tatry i Podhale

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The most spectacular part of the river is the Pieniny Gorge, where the Dunajec River cuts through high limestone rocks. The Dunajec River offers the most beautiful view of the Pieniny Mountains, and rafting on the river is a world-class attraction.

This right tributary of the Vistula River is 251 km long and is formed by the merger of the Czarna and Bialy Dunajec Rivers. These rivers join near Nowy Targ, and then the Dunajec flows through the Pieniny Spiskie Mountains, the Czorsztyn Gorge and the Pieniny Gorge. Its name is a diminutive of Dunaj, which means waters, rivers, ponds. The Pieniny Mountains would probably not exist without the Dunajec River. Even if they did, they would not be as picturesque and attractive. The Dunajec, which winds its way through steep cliffs, is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Małopolska region and Poland. The rafting tradition down the Dunajec dates to the first half of the 19th century. In the beginning, it was sailed by rafts and dugouts, but today it can also be done by canoes and pontoons. The Dunajec River curves, ravines, steeples, and provides unforgettable emotions. From the river, you can admire the landscapes and experience the adrenaline. The Dunajec River is home to 17 species of fish, silver gulls, grey herons, grebes, black storks and many others nest in its vicinity.

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