Oboński Tenement House, Myślenice

Widok kamienicy pomalowanej na żółto z czerwonym dachem z zewnątrz.

The tenement house was named after its rich founders from Myślenice, burgher Antoni Oboński and his wife. It is also called the ‘Tenement House under the Mother of God’. It is the oldest and the most prominent brick building on the market square in Myślenice. According to the history of the market square, the first stone house was built here in 1784 and bears number 27 today. The Oboński couple were its founders. In addition to this house, the Obońskis also founded a few other buildings in the developing town that became the seat of the precinct authorities in charge of the district, including the towns of Rabka, Bielsko and Żywiec. For years, the building housed the municipal magistrate and had other functions, too. For example, it housed the Municipal Public Library, a gallery of contemporary art and an educational club. It is currently the seat of a tourist information centre, the ‘Lubomir’ PTTK branch, the ’30 kilometr’ art gallery, the district television station, the Polish Angling Society branch in Myślenice, a café. and other commercial premises.


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