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Okno Papieskie Kraków

Krakow Bishops Palace - the Papal Window, Krakow

Kolorowa mozaika autorstwa Magdaleny Czeskiej przedstawiająca Jana Pawła II, zajmuje całą ramę okna nad bramą wjazdową do Pałacu Biskupów Krakowskich przy ulicy Franciszkańskiej.
ul. Franciszkańska 3, 31-004 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice
The Bishops’ Palace is located near Planty Park at 3 Franciszkańska Street.
Until the end of the 14th century the Krakow bishops resided on the Wawel Hill and they moved to a new residence only in the subsequent century. The palace was rebuilt several times and its present shape dates from the19th century. Karol Wojtyła, then a student at a clandestine seminary, hid here from the Nazis at the turn of 1944 and 1945. He moved into the palace when he became the Cardinal and Archbishop of Krakow in 1967 and remained here until 1978. A year later he stayed at the palace as Pope John Paul II during his first pilgrimage to Poland in 1979. During this visit the youth gathered outside the palace and the Pope spoke to the young people, standing in the window above the portal of the main entrance, where his image is featured today. The Pope conducted such conversations during all his subsequent visits to Krakow.