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Wieża Widokowa Gorc

Lookout tower Gorc

Zdjęcie wykonane z wieży widokowej na Gorcu przedstawia widok Beskidów w jesiennej szacie. Pofałdowany teren, niejednolita roślinność oraz niebo przedstawiające różnorakie kolory stanowią malowniczy krajobraz.
From the lookout tower on the Gorc summit, a beautiful panorama of the Tatras and the Beskids stretches out.
The route to the summit is suitable for hiking at any time of the year – not only for experienced tourists, but also for children and older persons. The lookout tower built on the summit in 2015 allows us to admire beautiful mountain ranges and glades and forests surrounding the summits. The stairs of the tower are entirely built up, which means that even persons having a fear of heights or small children can climb it without difficulty.

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