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Winnica Dosłońce

Dosłońce Vineyard

Zdjęcie przedstawia krzewy winorośli w winnicy dosłońce rosnące w rzędach. Każdy z rzędów to dojrzewające w słońcu winogrona. W tle widoczne charakterystyczne widoki dla polskiej wsi, lasy oraz pola uprawne.
Dosłońce 34, 32-222 Dosłońce
tel. +48 504855046
Soil like in Champagne, wine from the Miechów Upland.
In 2006, Zbigniew Zobek planted his first grapevines on a plot of land 40 kilometres north of Krakow. Since then, the 22-are plantation has featured a number of varieties, including bianca, jutrzenka, seyval and muscat for making white wines, as well as regent, rondo, leon millot, marechal foch, cabernet dorsa, Roesler and rubinet for making red wines. The owner’s future plans envision further expansion of the plantation and launching commercial production, but as of now, visitors can take advantage of his hospitality and pay a visit to take part in a tasting of the exquisite wine from the Dosłońce Vineyard.