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Winnica Nad Prądnikiem

Vineyard over Prądnik

Zdjęcie przedstawia kiść winogron rosnących na krzewie winorośli. Winogrona są dojrzałe i soczyste, a na fotografii widoczne są również liście winorośli, W tle rozmyte krzewy.
Ojcowska 74, 32-089 Prądnik Korzkiewski
The family vineyard is located in the Prądnik Valley near Ojców National Park, in Prądnik Korzkiewski.
It was named after the Prądnik River, which flows through the valley. The vineyard makes up a part of an agritourism farm run by the Woźniczka family, which also features a windmill, apiaries and accommodation. The idea of establishing the vineyard was first proposed in 2009; however it was not opened until 2011. It covers the area of 40 ares, with 1500 vines – mainly regent and rondo varieties for making red and rosé wine. The wine is made in a small home cellar, which also manufactures meads for a nearby apiary. The scale of production of the Nad Prądnikiem Vineyard is small, which is why its wine can only be purchased on the site. More information: agro-mlyn.pl/winnica