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Winnica Szawapier

Szawapier Vineyard

Zdjęcie przedstawia kiść winogron rosnących na krzewie winorośli. Winogrona są dojrzałe i soczyste, a na fotografii widoczne są również liście winorośli, W tle rozmyte krzewy.
Stryszawa 815, 34-205 Stryszawa
A vineyard using the Guyot training system.
The vineyard, located in a beautiful and picturesque town of Stryszawa near Sucha Beskidzka, was established in 2009 by Elżbieta and Marcin Pieróg. Today, it covers an area of 0.75 hectares and it is located at a quite high altitude of 450 metres above sea level. The vineyard makes white, rosé and red wines, using a numer of grape varieties, including solaris and blanca, as well as marechal foch, regent, rondo and rösler. The owners run the vineyard using the Guyot training system, leaving only a single cane. They welcome visitors, who can come there for tastings, as well as to take advantage of the offer of the nearby agritourism farm. In near future, their wines will be available for purchase in on-line stores, as well as directly from the vineyard. More information: winnica-szawapier.com