Culinary Events in Małopolska – Enjoy the Journey!

four bags of Piękny Jaś beans arranged on a napkin in a basket
The summer outdoors or one-of-a-kind places, a great atmosphere, friendly people, good music, a wealth of flavour and aroma ... sounds good? Be sure to look out for culinary-themed events, happenings and festivals on your summer travels in the Małopolska Region. Be sure that their organisers will provide you with various local delicacies, and you will sample the best of the region in one place.

The offer of culinary events in Małopolska is broad. It is impossible to list them all in a short article. Everyone will find something suitable for themselves. Traditionalists, lovers of specific regional products and dishes, and enthusiasts of modern variations based on regional cuisine. Your participation in the culinary events will be an unusual stop on the trail of culinary journeys. 

The Małopolska Taste Festival – the most delicious Małopolska offers!

The largest and one of the oldest culinary events is the Małopolska Taste Festival. This year the event is celebrating its eighteenth birthday! A reason to celebrate lavishly! It is an authentic quintessential taste of Małopolska. Andrzej Polan and his team and the housewives' club serve dishes based on regional recipes, which are rarely found in restaurants. At the stands of local producers, you can also stock your home pantry with excellent quality cheeses, cured meats, honey, preserves, baked goods and even wine. You will find a calendar of this year's celebrations on the Małopolskie Voivodeship website. Make sure to take advantage of it and go to one of the locations. 

Gourmet events

If you are a connoisseur of specialties from a particular part of the Region, or if you like one of the regional or traditional products in particular, look at the range of local events on offer. Roast potatoes in Miękinia, cabbage in Charsznica, Lisiecka sausage in Czernichów, mushrooms in Borzęcin, carp in Zator, Fasola Piękny Jaś in Zakliczyn have their festivals. The latter is a culinary event with a long tradition, one of the oldest in Poland. The 22nd Małopolska Bean and Traditional Product Festival, commonly called the Jarmark, will be held on 20 August 2023. If you decide to take part in this event, you will see how many unusual and surprising dishes and preparations can be made from beans. 

On the wine trail

An excellent treat for enotourists is picnics and tastings at vineyards. Recently, the season of summer wine events opened with Wianki at Dąbrówka Winnica and the 7th Jurassic Wine Picnic at Ojców Trout. However, this is only a prelude to many wine attractions, notably Vineyard Open Days. This year, Minoga Palace Vineyard, Chodorowa Vineyard, Przybysławice Vineyard,  St. John Vineyard and Antoni’s Cellars will open. The event is free of charge, but reservations are necessary. You can check the details on the Małopolska Wine Trail website. Don't worry if you don't manage to register – Małopolska's vineyards organise many seasonal events and tastings, also for organised groups on individually arranged dates. 

Wine gourmets and music lovers must visit Janowice Vineyards, where the annual Vitis Music Sfera Festival is held. This is a real musical feast for fans of jazz and classical music who can indulge their love of music with a glass of wine in hand. 

Culinary in Kraków

Kraków – the capital of Małopolska – has plenty of interesting culinary events, from the cyclical Najedzeni Fest and Art & Food Bazar to the legendary Pierogi Festival. Everyone who visits Kraków from 11 to 15 August must try at least one dumpling (pieróg). As is true every year, they will be dominated by Russian dumplings with sweet cheese, cabbage, and mushrooms, and there will also be seasonal offerings with broad beans, chanterelles, or blueberries, and more unconventional proposals with beetroot or chocolate. A special jury will select and award the best dumplings (pierogi). 

At the end of the summer season, the Kraków Honey Harvest will take place on Wolnica Square. The event offers an excellent opportunity to taste the best Małopolska honey and learn more about the life of the extraordinary insects that are bees. 

We strongly encourage you to travel, taste, and keep an eye out for culinary events of your interest. This is one of the best ways to taste Małopolska.



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