Małopolska and modern art

MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow.
Kraków is more than just historical monuments and a wealth of cultural tradition – it is also a great place to get acquainted with modern art. Kraków is home to an outstanding Museum of Modern Art, and while walking around the city, you can encounter more than 300 murals.

The former industrial district of Zabłocie and the halls of the former Oskar Schindler's factory in Kraków turned out to be a perfect backdrop for a modern post-industrial city and its MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art. MOCAK’s glass and concrete building blends in with its surroundings, preserving the continuity between what was there before and what is there today. Zabłocie with its old spaces, former factories and workshops, slowly filled up with trendy pubs and alternative clubs. After the facelift, it became a vibrant place with great food, unique art studios, modern cultural institutions and concert spaces.

There is another special place in Zabłocie – the Krakow Glassworks, a former renowned glass and ceramics factory in Zabłocie, which now hosts a permanent museum exhibition and a gallery of regular exhibitions, organises live glass-forming demonstrations and offers original handmade products.

Krakow Stained Glass Workshop and Museum is an extraordinary place. The Art Nouveau townhouse on Zygmunta Krasińskiego Street is the only place in the world where exhibition spaces coexist with a stained-glass studio that has been there for nearly 120 years and is still in operation.

The Małopolska Garden of Arts is an intriguing place located on Rajska Street. It is a modern cultural facility whose spectacular five-story edifice combines historic elements with modernity. The Małopolska Garden of Arts focuses on the synthesis of various art disciplines within a single space. In addition to theatre, you can find film, dance, music and visual arts in its interiors. It is an experimental space that has won multiple awards as an exceptional modern architectural project.

Murals are another artistic highlight of the city – you can see them all on the Street Art Trail! Keep your eyes peeled – every now and then, you will find a new one created by Polish, as well as world-renowned Italian, Dutch, Israeli and American artists. Each tells its own important story.



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