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Bacówka Andrzeja Klusia Pod Reglami

Bacówka Andrzeja Klusia Pod Reglami

Baca siedzący w drewnianym wnętrzu Bacówki Pod Reglami trzymający rękę w beczce. Do środka wpada łuna światła.
At the “Pod Reglami” path linking the Valleys of Białe, ku Dziurze and Strążyska, we will find the traditional mountain hut. From under the rafters, we can see the smoke wafting lazily from the fire, on which, depending on the time of the day, milk or żentyca are heated up. Oscypki are produced here by Andrzej Kluś – juhas from the cradle, baca since 1997.Like each self-respecting baca, Andrzej Kluś gets up every morning at 4:00 and helps juhas milk the herd of 250 sheep. Then, they have to bring milk to koliba and start making oscypki. In the afternoon, sometimes they have two hours free, but before the evening they need to go back to the hut for the night in order to get up again at the break of dawn – regardless of the day of the week or the weather. You have to love this work, because from May to October, it demands complete devotion. But you have also to find time for your hobbies. Baca from the shepherd’s hut “Pod Reglami” loves horseriding. Once, he even took part in the traditional kumoterki races in Biały Dunajec, Kościelisko, Ludźmierz, Zakopane.In the hut of Andrzej Kluś, we can eat excellent oscypek, which was awarded the first place at one of the editions of the annual Oscypek Festival in Zakopane. When drinking cool żentyca and looking at the panorama of Zakopane, it is worth paying attention to the nearby buildings. In the past they were regularly visited by famous mountain bandit Wojtek Mateja, who visited there his frajerka, i.e. lover.

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