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Grupa Jurajska GOPR

GOPR – Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue Upland Group

Wspinaczka na skale na Jurze Krakowsko-Częstochowskiej
tel. 601 100 300
The Upland Group of the Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue based in Podlesice handles mountain search and rescue operations in the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland.

The Group helps rock-climbers as well as skiers on ski slopes and people exploring caves, visiting castle ruins, hiking tourist trails and scaling high-altitude locations. The rescuers also help in the case of catastrophes and natural disasters through use of a variety of mountaineering techniques and the assistance of rescue dogs as well as quadrunners, off-road vehicles, snowmobiles and a helicopter.

Although every member of the organisation is a volunteer, the rescuers are professionals who watch over hundreds of thousands of people around the clock, 365 days a year. They serve this role free of charge, helping both the tourists who visit the Upland and the local residents.

Their main goal is to help anyone in need, whenever need arises. Their priority is to always arrive in time, no matter the weather, time of year and location of the person in need. To this end, they also promote the rules of safe tourism, teaching everybody how to call for help and what to do in case of an accident.

Contact information: +48 34 315 20 00, biuro@goprjura.pl

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