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Pomnik Bartosza Głowackiego Janowiczki

Bartosz Głowacki monument, Janowiczki

Mężczyzna stojący na armacie z kosą.
32-222 Janowiczki Tourist region: Kraków i okolice
On the 200th anniversary of the battle of Racławice, a monument was erected for one of its heroes, Wojciech Bartosz Głowacki.
By participating in the scythe-bearers' attack on the Russian battery under the command of Tadeusz Kościuszko he distinguished himself as extremely brave. It is commonly known that when he acquired one of the cannons during the battle, he put out the fuse with his own cap. The 10.5 metre high monument, situated on a small mound, depicts Bartosz Głowacki as he takes over the Russian cannon. The creator of the monument was professor Marian Konieczny from Cracow.

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